Family Community Educators

FCE, Family Community Educators

Contact: Tamera Adjei, Extension Agent
The Family and Community Education Organization and their fce Clubs are open to all persons regardless to race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. Membership Chairman is Debby Johnson 931- 368-0239 and Barbara Brown. There are 13 active fce clubs and 2 honorary clubs.

Montgomery County fce Clubs or Family and Community Education Organizations. 2017 Officers: President Elect- Lee Bittinger,

Past President-Debby Johnson,

Vice President of Programs –Pamela Albaro,

Vice Presidents of Public Policy-Doris Fairrow,

Secretary- Willie Mae Miller, Treasurer-Pat Woods. 

Mansion Director Debby Johnson

Mansion Volunteers – Barbara Brown

Agent Advisor Tamera Adjei.

The County FCE is part of the Western Region, Tennessee in partnership with the University of Tennessee and the National Association.

Sweetheart Cake Bake

Contact: Tamera Adjei, Extension Agent
You can participate by being a cake baker and having your loved one and/or friend sponsor your cake for $30.00. Need a sponsor?  Contact us and we will be happy to locate a sponsor for you. The bakers need to have their cake at the Smith Trahern Mansion, 101 McClure Street at 11:00 and stay for the fellowship and fun! The winners of the cake bake will be announced between


Contact: Tamera Adjei, Extension Agent

For more information on Community Education Promoting Informed Medicine contact Tamera Adjei.